Why Are You Annoying?

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



Christopher Robin is always calm even if when he and his wife Evelyn seemed to go into controversy.
But when he talked to Winnie the Pooh, he began to feel irritated.  He even yelled ato Pooh.


Where comes from this difference?



I think that, Christopher Robin made iritated by Pooh because Pooh never changed.  But on the other hand, Christopher Robin seemed that he had been thought should be change as “adult”.

In the first half on the movie of “Christopher Robin”, we knew that Christopher Robin had to go to a public school and his father was dead.
Christopher Robin was said “You should work for your family.” by someone.


Christopher might thought that, he must work for family before he feel relax or joy.

So he was hired big company and is getting constant income, maybe.




But while Christopher experienced a lot of things, Winnie the Pooh was never changed.
It might had seemed like “childish himself” for Christopher Robin.


Christopher Robin might thought like that,
“I syould keep on workhard  to my family.  I must give up my joy for work.  Your way of thinking is still child.  If you work hard, you will failed everything!  Because I was thaught that.”

His inner-child was irritated by Pooh and he might couldn’t control his temper.


When I think this flow, I can’t blame only Christopher Robin.  He was also keep patient, give up manythings what he wanted to do.





But, on the other hand, there isn’t only good things in “forcibly change”.

In the last presentation of Christopher Robin, he used Pooh’s sigificant message in it.
Christopher was tied up by the belief that “If nothing is done, nothing is born.”  But Christopher was saved by “do it nothing.”



We can go to far from our “truth (It is said that, Children are the most near from the God!)”, but we can’t leave completely from it.
It means, our freely belief, point of view of childhood have a lot of hint to live well.


We are never forget it in reality.  We can just act like forget these wisdom.



And here is important, if you denys your childhood of your past, you in the past had done his the best thing he could do.

Everything was perfect.  And everything what happened in your life is creating you now.



And the thing is “do it nothing leads the best something”.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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