“K” is may…

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I’m reading other consideration blog about Black Butler.
The author of that wrote about Phantomhive’s family tree.

Put simply, in the abobe picture, claudia’s husband is hidden by a speech balloon.
We can’t know about when Cedric. K Ros was born and when he was dead.

Is this happened by chance?

Before Undertaker become a Shinigami, he was may  alived as “Cedric K ros” and he was may married with Claudia Phantomhive.
Undertaker is may Vincent’s father…?



Here is my thoughts.  But, it may connect with hers considerations.

In the story of Black Butler, characters with middle name are unusual.
Ciel, Sebastian and Grell have not middle name.


But Cedric K Ros has a middle name.  And, there is one more character.
Yes, he is William T Spears!

Ms.Yana Toboso who is a author of Black Butler said at a “Downstairs of Black Butler” that…

Will had a nickname until his name was known by hers assistants.
His nickname was “Takaeda”.  It means “High branch-cutting scissors”.  This is also his death size.

William’s middle name is came from this words!



I noticed a fact.

Only William and “Cedric K Ros” with a middle name.  And will’s middle name came from his Death Size.

If Undertaker and Cedric K ros is a same person, Undertaker’s Death Size is Sickle!  Sickle is called “Kama” in Japanese.  This initials is “K!”


This is just my imgination.
But I think that, is this not so far from a truth.
I can’t wait to revail a whole stories!






Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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