Spirit and Ego

Hello!  How’s yor days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


Sulley and Mike are revealing clearly about “the difference of heart and ego” as their character.


There are some impressive scene.


1、They were tied by lie.

“Don’t touch human child.”
Sulley and Mike had been believed that story.  Of course, they were scared by Boo.

But after the blackout, Sulley and Mike reveal their difference.


Mike started to thinking about “release plan of huan child”.
(And he couldn’t come up a good idea although he was thinking a lot of time!)

Sulley, however, keep watch Boo and observe her in detail.
And he found that “Boo seemed like unscearing creature.”

Mike relied on his inteligence, but Sulley relied on his intuition.
By observing what is, he could notice quickly that the belief he believed for ever might be a lie.


This is the difference of Heart and Ego.
Ego or Mind try to use their “knowledge” to resolve the plobrem.
But, in on the other hand, Heart start watching the situation, and then chatch solution.



In addition, after Boo sleep, Sulley tried to share with Mike about his discovery that “Human child may be not danger”.
But Mike never listened it.




2、Mike has negative mind about any plan!

Where we should Boo back?
Of cource, Sulley and Mike should Boo back in her own room.

Sulley made a costume for Boo from Sulley’s armchair.
He thought that “This is the best way in our thoughts”.  But Mike was different.
Mike is always worrying about something!
“We will failed!”  “What about us!?”
He came up a lot of anxiety.

Yes, our Ego can’t get a creative idea.  Ego can only doing to survey past experience.  And if we are starting new action, ego will oppose because it never experienced it before!



3、Ego is worrying about only us.

Mike often say this words “What about us?”
He was worrying about Sulley and him position until the second half of the story.

If they knows about we are keeping Boo?
What about our reputation?


On the other hand, Sulley, changed his mind more quickly.
He spended a lot of time with Boo, played with Boo, through dangers with her.
So, he said “That’s no matter.”

Past reputation is in the past for Sulley.  Boo is most important matter for now him.



In addition, Sulley followed his feeling.  As a result, he didn’t lost sny reputation.
Sulley became a predident of a company, grow up his company, and met Boo again.

Ego is just too worrying.  So we can go forward without anxiety.




But, this is the inportant thing.
Ego and heart is not to be in conflict.  They can get a settlement.

Ego and heart has a same point.  That is the “They are worrying about each other.”  They loves you, but they has a different way of approach.

Settlement may need time, but there is a creative way!



In a spiritual telling, it is said that “We should follow your heart”.  It sounds like, the only inportant thing is heart not a ego.
This is just a message for modern people.  We are too manipulated by conservative mind.  So following our heart is important for us.
We are trying to get back a balance.


Watching the movie of “Monster’s Inc.” in that perspective,  Sulley and Mike is a symbol of heart and ego.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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