God’s Speed

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


Originally, all spirits that living high dimention such as Gods(or original energy), Goddess, spirits, fairies are speedy.  They send for us what we need or what we syould know and notice.

Just we became to receive it in slow.



When Hercules was praing, Zeus answered it by a speedy manifestation.

After Hercules prayer, the wind blew quickly.  I think, this wind is filled by God’s power.
And then, flash a thunder, stone statue of Zeus started to move.



In a spiritual sight, Gods can form any shape.
Zeus can talk with Hercules in different appearance or different timing.
But Zeus chose stone statue of Zeus.
Zeus may wanted to meet his son in Zeus’s natural form.




And when Phill refused Hercules dream, Zeus used his thunder as send a message for Phill!

Phill said, “My answer is two words!”
In here, he tried to say “No!”


But before he say that word, sky was covered by dark clouds.
And thunder fall on Phill!

Phill noticed that this is a message from Zeus “Make my son a hero.”
So, he started training.



Of course, you shouldn’t be struck with lightning every time to receive messages from the gods.
But in originally, Gods send messages for us so quickly like this!


If we pray something for Gods, we should aware some messages.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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