Doubt Your Belief!

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


In Monster City, there is a “myth” what everyone believes without confirmation.
It is that “When we touch to human child, we would die!”

But, as Sulley noticed, they won’t die from touch to human child.
As we know, when we were child, we can’t use “willpower” or “shoot a beam”!



Sulley and Mike had been believed that “myth”, but they went beyond that.


This “myth” story can say to us as well.
We have a lot of “myth” and belief.


There is a “useful belief” and “belief that is useless anymore”.


We can use the “useful belief” as a positive effect.
But on the other hand, useless belief can bind our action.


For instance…
1  I have to behave like everyone.
2  I have to enter a excellent university.
3  I should get a job and earn a lot of money.
4  Even if I sacrifice what I want to do, I must look after my parents.
5  I always must to be a “good boy/girl”.


Many people have belief like this in uncounciously.  But, is it true?


Useless belief is awkward because these are difficult to notice, and it will direct you to self-denial.


When we out of these belief, if we can get wide sight, we can find out something to do.
But if we are tied up to these useless beliefs, we can’t find any exit.


Before giving up everything, we can ask ourselves
“Is belief true?”

Is it your true happy way?
Is there nothing you can do else?




This golden question will connect us to the happiest life!



Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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