Does Soma Know about Ciel’s Secret?

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


Does Soma know about Ciel’s secert?
This was my biggest question.
At first, I thought Soma doesn’t know.  But while I read comic again and again, I changed my thought.
Soma may know that Cirl is twins.


Before Soma and Agni were attacked by “someone”, Agni was brushing ash.
And then, he found a picture fragments.
We couldn’t see what printed there, but we can imagine it.  Agni should noticed that Ciel is twins.
However, before he tell that Soma, they was attacked.


But, please watch below picture.
When Ciel and Sebastian back townhouse and pick up Soma, something falled at Soma’s left hand.


Ciel watched this, and he was surprised.  This face look like Angi.
This paper may picture fragments that Agni found.



I was also surprised this, and read again before pages.
Then, I found this scene.  Agni holded pictures and let Soma in the room.



When Sebastian opened the door, Soma cried putting his left hand on his face.

At first, I thought that Soma cried because Agni was dead and pain, but Soma was hurted right hand, not left.


Yes, he cried because “Agni was dead” and “Cirl was twins!” I guess.



As the evidence, when Salivan said “Ciel”, Soma wasn’t upset although he attacked Ciel.


Soma received the pictures by Agni, and he may saw that.
And, he knowed that Ciel is twins.


One was Soma tried to be close, the another was attacked Soma and Agni.



I worried about Soma misunderstood and try to revenge on Ciel and Sebastian but it will not happen.


Agni is really perfect butler because he told the truth in emergency like that.





Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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