Not Still Child

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



In the movie “Return to Never Land”,  Peter Pan met again to Wendy.


It is said that adult can’t fly anymore.  But Wendy could do that.


When Peter and Wendy met, Peter said “You’re changed.”
I think, he saw only Wendy’s appearance.

On the other hand, Tinker Bell saw Wendy, and she informed Peter that Wendy never change.


Yes, most important thing is a heart.


Peter Pan is a boy both of appearance and mind.
That may be attractive thing, but I think that “But, keep growing is also good.”



Keep changing is human nature.
Let yourself immutable or against the grownth is go against the human nature.
If you continue to do that, you will fell stuck someday.


The most important thing is that to keep childish pure, playful heart.  Not to think “I want to be a child forever.”



We can keep honesty, adventurous, curiosity and smile.




I wish you all the best!



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