Excite Mind!

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


In the fim of “Peter Pan”.

Wendy: But Peter, how we get to the Never Land?
Peter:    Fly!  Ofcorse.
Wendy:  Fly!
Peter:    It’s easy.  All we have to do is… is… ha.  That’s funny.
Wendy: What the matter?  Don’t you know?
Peter:    Oh, sure.  But I’ve never thought about before…
Say, that’s it!  Think about fun sort!



So Wendy, John, Michael thought about toys of Christmas, slave and snow…and so on.


Well, flying also need a pixy dust.



I feel in this scene.
Peter explain about flying that is he had never thought.


This scene may indicate that Peter is filled joy and exciting things!
Peter may always think about adventure, something fun and curiousity.


When these things connest with a pixy dust, we can fly lightly.
If we already get older, but we can full of joy whenever.





I wish you all the best!



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