Settleing for Myself [Becoming to Noel Ko-zuki Part5]

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.




This is a 5th article, series of “Becoming to Noel Ko-zuki”.
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I have been dreamed to become a world wide writer until I was 11.
At that time, I said so, my mother said that,
“That good.  But think more about your living.  If you become a writer, you can’t get a money to live until you become famous.
Why don’t you work in two ways?  When you become famous writer, you can live with only income from work as a writer.   Exactly, you like child.  You can working as a teacher of a kindergarten, you can aim for a novelist.”


Then I didn’t know words “law of attraction” and “your thoughts creats your world”.

My mother’s words a very realistic.  And that time me was a little and unfamiliar.(still now.)
I felt “That is the way of living.” with uncritically.


So, I thought about my life way is like that.
I enter the Sendai Daisan High School.
I enter the university where I can get a Qualification for becoming a kindergarten teacher.
I become a kindergarten tescher.
And someday, I can become a writer….


But, situation changed.


I knew about the law of attraction, spiritual living, various way of living and various people.


A man who failed work and part his wife.  But he talked with God and renew.


A man who only graduated junior high school, but became a president and creating wonderful space.


A man who is professing NEET and he does only he feels fun.


A man who asked help for his guide spirits and he got back his power.


A man who noticed his true wish and leave a stabled job.  He is living happily.




I came to notice.
In Japan, it is said that the way of “noemal and stable” is
to enter the high value university
to enter the high value company
to get marriage with a good people.


But this is just “someone’s happiness”.  Not mine.


Many Japanese people are making effort to be happy with these frame, but most of these are not happy.


We can’t get informations about “freely person” live in normal.
Teachers aren’t tell us about life.



About me, I noticed my true wish when I was 17.
I didn’t want to become a kindergarten teacher.
I want to become a world famous novelist always ever.


I have been thinking only “I can become a world wide novelist.”
So I never wanted to think about “a job until I become famous.”



Rather, if I keep to think
“I want to be a novelist!  But until I become famous, I work in kindergaeten and keep writing.”, I spreading a vibration “I am a kindergaeten teacher dreaming to be a novelist.  I am not famous so much.” in unconscious.


I shouldn’t become novelist like that.  That is not my true wish.


I have a option to stop aim to go to university.
I already can write novels.  I want to fight with only my power at first.


Then, there no reason of I aim to university.



It took me half a year before I arrived at this conclusion.
In half a hear, I had a lot of impressive events.


I couldn’t deceive myself.
My intuition and power to hearing my heart voice got stronger because I read many and many spiritual books.


When I deceive myself, I become uncomfortable mind.  I can’t miss.


But, Sendai Daisan High School is a school to go to a university.
My classmates are students to aim university.  And teachres said “I think you should go to university…”


I also have ego and strong mind.  I seemed to be lost many times.
But at last, I choose my original way and drop out from a “Japanese happiness frame”.


This is a birth of “Noel Ko-zuki as a Spiritual writer.”

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