What was Vincent thinking?

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.


When twins were little, Vincent sometimes showed thoughtful face.
He is mysterious.



His eyes are sometimes look alike Sebastian, which are cold or calm…

What was Vincent thinking?
I thought and tell you about my expectation.


I thought that Vincent may have been thought let’s making a two “Earl Phantomhive”!

The most impressive scene is here.

Twins went out with Vincent to learn about job as the Earl.
Vincent said that “I maintain their territory for my citizen to they can attentive to work.  That is the job as the Earl.”

Twins had a different thought.

Ciel’s younger brother said “But, is it hard to hear everyone’s wish?”
Ciel said “But we should take care citizens to work a lot.  Sheep run away if we does not give foods.”


Vincent became a thoughtful eyes at this time.

Moreover, when Ciel disliked study, Vincent became a same eyes.



This memory scene is written in a Boy’s perspective.
So there are many contrast Ciel and Boy.


But…I think.


It may be only Boy that conpares Ciel and himself.
We still unknown what Vincent was thinking about Inheritance.


Vincent may had been thought that… let twins become the Earl.


Twins way of thinking can see in the story about citizen.
As  “A good load”, Boy will have a good sence.
But as “A Queen’s watchdog” or “Evil nobleman”, Ciel’s perspective is important.

The more they mistake their parents, the more they are alike.
If boy live in manner house as a “Load Phantomhive” and Ciel live in London as a “Queen’s watchdog”,  nobody will notice.


Vincent may say that “Who decided that the Earl should be one person?”  because he had a advanced thinking about twins name…





Lastly I saying,  these expectations are all my imagination.
If this thoughts hit, I’m so glad.
But if it miss, please forget.  This is just little entertainmant.



Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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