Awaking to Spiritual

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.



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It was one of the big event in my life that I could enter Sendai Daisan High School.
My energy should have changed since at that time.  My feeling also changed.



What I thought first was “I caught my life.”
It seemed like that my destiny will still continue for future.


Thinking now, it is true.



And when I spended time of spring holiday, my mother came and said,
“I finally bought this book!  Please read this!  It seems interesting!”


To be honest, I rarely read the book what is redommended by someone.
But at that time, I was interested in that book.


And that book is “The Seacret” written by Rhnda Byrne.


I was attracted the appearance of book.  It was like a old, antique book.
And I was surprised about the contents .


I had been practiced the point of attracting during I suffered studing!


When I read “The Seacret”, I know the reason why I could pass the exam and enter Sendai Daisan High School.
I had been used the law of attraction unconsciously.


During stydy days,
I had been appreciated to my favorite keyring today’s lucky things.
(This story look alike “Magic storn” story in The Secret.)

And I had been imagined that I enter the Sendai Daisan High School and enjoy my high school life.
(This story look alike Visualization.)

And I painted some pictures about my imagination of high school life and watch that picture everyday.
(This story look alike Vision Board.)


At that time, I was so lialist, but this experience was too good to believe this law.

Law of attraction has a strong power of break walls and jump next higher level I thought.
That was the time when I was awaken to spiritual.


Since the time, I was starting study about spiritual with my mother.
I read “Communication with god”, “Bashar”, “Telos vol.1~3” and so on.


Especially Lemuria,  I once attended to workshop.


I was not good at meditating, keep having many block at that time, but I was keeping change and renew!
Moreover, my wish came to true one afreranother!


I could enter Ouendan, and I got an interview as a “Head of a Ouendan”.
But I know.  This is never just “a fortunate coincidence.”  There is a powerful law always.



The more powerful magic was waiting for me after I guraduated high school.


I got a spiritual friends when I atteneded to the event “Symposium about ‘Communication with god’.

They says me “you are a old soul.  You are adult as a spirit.” again and again.



And I met “Mother Seibo” and “Alemurua”.
I was interested in ArchAngel Jophiel from Aura Soma.
I meditated about Jophiel…she came for me!


I was starting little channeling, and I remember power of talking with spirits.


When I got a personal session to my friend, I met Mother Seibo and Alemurua.



They had a connection with me in some past life, and they are supporting me in this life time.



They give me a lot of messages and I write down that in my novels.
They will support me writing spiritual story from now on!






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