Positive and Negative2

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.
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 If you notice “Do I live with negative aspect?”, you can change your direction immediately.  Please don’t think so serious.
Cherish yourself movement can have a negative aspect.
That is the person who have been losing myself up to now, perhaps to push through my own opinions, to be selfish.
There are “self center in good way” and “selfish in bad way”.
These are very similer, but these are the diferent things.
On the spiritual way, your world is created by yourself.
“Self center person” and “selfish person” have a different point of view in one truth.
“the self center person” thinks that…
I create my own world.  You create your own world.
I can live freely with nothing to worry!
Everyone have a different sight and world, but every world is good and best.
” the selfish pesron”thinks that…
I create my own world!  I can live freely as I want!
I’ve been patient with it until now, but I will live on my own right now!
Why do you disagree with me?  I hate you!
Don’t you notice the importance to respect yourself?
She has a strong thought of apart.
See?  Can you get a key of difference between this?
 Whether new relationships will be created that will enhance each other,
Or do you get along with those with strong consciousness of separation?People in the whirlpool are hard to notice,
We recommend you to look back on yourself calmly (including myself).

To disown people around you,
“Because I have suffered so far, it is your turn next time!”
Is not it similar to saying?
That is not productive at all.
A bigger shake back will come back to you.
Sooner or later, you will hit more bigger shake.
Back to the spiritual perspective, modern society is male rights society.
Women are keeping effort to back their power because they were treated like a person who is not worth for a long time.
Actually, it is said that there was a world which female rights society before the world history.
In that world, man were treated like a less of worth.
Is this opposite of world history?
 Women are being married for politics and they continue to receive unfair treatment from their husbands but there is a time when all of it was a matter of the male side.
That is overturned, connecting now.
 In other words,  if you want to revenge someone, you will also have a bad influence sooner or later.
If you try out around you, you will never get a true equality life.
That is repeat history.  That is a sign of you nothing learn.
We should make a dicision to stop this and create a new cycle.
Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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