Positive and Negative1

Hello!  How’s your days doing?
I’m Noel Ko-zuki.
Recently, many people insist about importance of respect yourself.
There are many opinion about this, I think that the most important thing is the way of doing.
This is a ploblem about “how do you respect yourself?” not about “Do you respect yourself or not?”
May be, people know the idea of “respect yourself” from some seminor or book.
And they should try to live in honesty.
The plobrem is before this.
There are a person
who stares your true heart and release anger, glief etc…
and who to be selfish human being.
Why is a difference created?
I keep to thinking from today.  My answer is the today’s article.
The most important thing is a way of doing.
Whether respect yourself with positive, or respect yourself negative.
This difference is born by the person’s humanity and spirituality.
Respecting yourself in positive way is the way to let go of the feelings that had been carried in until now and seek out new ways of getting along with people.
Of course, if you have many feelings in patience, your releasing process will be hard.
Facing your true heart is the time of change your energy.
Your old friends may be go away from you.
Your family may get confuse to your change…
But these changes can be trigger of new relationships or settlement.
Perhaps, may the patience person is not only you.
You start to talking your true emotion, other person may notice to his true feelings.
That case will create a meaningful lerationships.
On the other hand, person who respest yourself with negative perspective is…
Let’s talk about this tomorrow.  I talk too long today.
Please check tommorrow article!
I wish you all the best!



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