Reborn [Becomng to Noel Ko-zuki Part3]

There were back numbers to this article series!





There must is nothing to study in after world.
I’ll not be bothered by any pressure.

I’ll be released from every negative things.

In addition, this choice may be also already decided.

When I went back to home, I often walked all by myself.
So I thought how to die at that time.

Eventually, I decided to work hard until the examination of the recommendation entrance examination.  If I couln’t pass that exam, I’ll give up to this life.

The examination was February 1st 2013 and the result publication was February 10th 2013.


I studied hard and hard, and finally that day came.
After the exma, I self-graded the exam.
Math seemed to be a bad.  Japanese seemed to be good.
I was a pessimist at the time, so I thought that it was useless.

I live with freedom until the result publication’s day.
I played video games, wrote novels, and reading.

I couldn’t think anything.  I only thought that I must write a novel more and more before I die.


The result publication’s day.
I went a Sendai Daisan high school with my family.
I had some weird confidence.

My ego said to me that
“It is impossible anyway.  Today is the last day.”
but, my intuition said completely different thing.
“I can do that. My exam number must be wrote there!”

I walked to bulletin board with my mother, and in same time, the cloth which covered the bulletin board was removed.



People around the board reised a cheer.

A girl smiling, another was crying.

There were many people.  They walk away by me.

I approached a board, and surched my exam number.  That was 2221.
My ego and intuition battled more violently.
Soon I sarched, I found a incredible sight.
I was said “I did it…!”






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