Law of Mirror

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Alois Trancy who is main character in Black Butler2, had been spent rich life when his parents alive. (from Wikipedia)

But after his parents dead, Alois(Jimu Makken) and his younger brother Luka Makken were oppressed by village people.
Brothers had to work only to steal in order to survive, which caused the brothers to be increasingly bullied by the villagers.



I think that, this situation has a important message.

Why villagers beaten Jimu and Luka?
Why Jimu came up with “If everyone, everything destroy!”?


Moreover, Alois continues cuel acts after he became Earl.
Why Alois became a noisy boy?

The reason I think, is because of his parents.


Perhaps, Jimu and Luka`s parents were selfish.
Villagers might have been treated like a slave.  So villagers might wanted to beaten the brothers.




All I can say that, Jimu and Luka lived embodied the law.
Since their parents alived, they received fake affinity.
After parents dead, they were bullied by villagers because of their parents attitude.
Brothers hated villagers, and came up with “If everyone, everything, destroy!”.
Jimu was bought by previous Earl Trancy, and his must had lived as male prostitute.
When Jimu got the title, he starts selaifsh and great actions.


His actions are returned to him, and he continues revenge on it. That cycle repeats.



If he hate this cycle and chosed different way of action, he should had lived in completely different way.

We can live in revenge and cruel cycle like Alois, or different way.





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