Lack of Love and Nearly Love

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Today topic is about Black Butler2.
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Well, I`m going to talk about Alois Trancy.
I can`t hate his twisted and distorted personality.

I think that Alois`s big issue is LOVE.

His younger brother Luka, loved him.
Alois needed Claude`s love.
But who trully loved Alois was Hannah.

Their relationships are very intricate and curious.


Through to watch Black Butler2, we can find to Alois needs love.

He starved for love, so he was searching for true love giver.
(Previous Earl, Alois Trancy wasn`t love him in truly meants.)


Alois(Jimu Makken)wished to Claude would love him.


And in same time, Alois thought that Ciel who was precious boy for Sebastian, had a lot of love.  Alois envy him.


Eventually, Claude didn`t love Alois in truly.
Alois couldn`t get true love for Claude until the second half of the story.

But there was a person who loved Alois.  That is Hannah.
Because Hanna was just happy to be alone by Alois, no matter how she was treated from Alois, she stayed with him.


What I want to say, is that, Alois tought too limitted love.


Alois`s wish may be “I want love.”
Our wish is realized by use the law of attraction.
But Alois`s wish was too limited.
Because he wanted Claude`s love.

If we use the law of attraction, we can`t change someone thought.
That law is not a law of manipulating people.

His wish “I want CLaude`s love!” was not realized.
But his wish “I want love” had been realized by Hannah.

However, Alois did not notice that because he was concerned to Claude`s love until the second half of the story.

If Alois wished just “I want love!” and received love more widely,
Alois won`t be dead and Ciel and Sebastian will to got more happily outcome.


Whichever, in the first place,
every energy is made from give and take.
So he must fix the habits of wanting and of looking down on a person first, I think.





Thank you for your reading!
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