To Trust His Working

Hello!  How`s your days doing?
I`m Noel Ko-zuki.


As a spiritual learner, the attitude of Ciel trusts on Sebastian has a lot of lessons.

Sebastinan always obeys the command, and He accomplishes the command perfectly.  It`s only because of contract intervention.



I have been had a lesson about trust my spiritual guides.
So, it was very impressive for me Ciel`s word in second comic.

“So, let ‘s quickly create a suspect list and ask all suspects for alibi.”
Sebastian said so with smile, and got off the coach.
Madame Red and Rau doubted if Sebastian really can do his job.  But Ciel said,
“He said `I will do`, so we only have to wait while drinking tea.”


This is a very significant word in spiritual I think.


Until recent, I was so uneasy about my guide spirits.
Many time I doubt their work, and thought that
“How they do realize my dream?”
“Are they really work for me?”
These words are no use for guide spirits, more worse, my negative thoughts will disturb their power!


Ciel`s words became a switch of notice for me.
I can trust my guide spirits like him!



Surely, there are big differents between Ciel and Sebastian`s contract and spiritual trtuth.

Ciel trusts Sebastian because they have a contract saying “Sebastian will not lie and they will protect Ciel until the end of revenge.”
It is obvious that Sebastian will not tell a lie.  There is no reason of doubt Sebastian.


Back to spiritually sights,
let`s compare the relation between Ciel and Sebastian and the relationship between us who live in 3 dimensions and the guides of high dimensions.

Spiritual guides don`t request compensation unlike Sebastinan.
They help us because of love.
Moreover, There is no concept of lying to higher dimensions.
No one come up to tell a lie, and lie is a low vibration action.



The motivation is totally different, though
Spiritual guides are
will come for us no matter where we are,
never tell a lie,
listen our whatever wish,
and take action to realize our dream.

On the other hand, Sebastian is
be with Ciel any time,
never tell a lie,
completely carry out the ordered instruction.

In this sight, spiritual guides and Sebastian very alike.


I like Japanese Animation, so I could learn from Black Butler about trust.




Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!



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