Black Butler has high energy, I guess

Hello!  How`s your days doing?
I`m Noel Ko-zuki.


Do you know “Black Butler” which is Japanese comic?
This is about the story of revenge.  One of the main character, Ciel, was killed his family by someone, so he is searching the criminal.
Sebastian who is Ciel`s butler.  And surprising, Sebastian is a demon.

This famous comic is translated in English, so you may get it in the book shop.


I`ve been loved this comic since I was 14 years old.
I have been changed, so I can see this story in another sight now.

I found that Black Butler has a lot of spiritual message in it!

Today, I`m going to share one idea about this comic.





I guess Black Butler has a high energy.
I think it is because, Ms. Yana Toboso who is drawing Black Butler has a high energy.

Famous comics are translated in animation in many time.
Some animations faithfully reproduce the original view of the world, others animations that make disappointing viewers.
Black Butler is completely former.

This world is made from energy.
High energy attracts high, happy things, and low energy attracts low, heavy things.
Staffs of Black Butler will have high energy because they were attracted by Ms. Yana Toboso, I think.

I think, that is because animation of Black Butler is loved many fans.




Thank you for your reading!
I wish you all the best!

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