Fixing the habit of doing without saying.

Hello!  How`s your day doing?
I`m Noel Ko-zuki.


I`m surprising about my habit of thought.
That is the point that I do not say my true intention.

For example, when someone gets angry or embarrassed at me, I swallow my true intention because it allows me to survive as gently as possible.

To endure the real intention was not good for myself.
While continuing it for a long time, I could not find my true intention!  Oh my gosh!

When I hide my true intention, the place ends in a graceful way.
But after a few days or years, I will not be allowed to tolerate what I want to say.


So now, I must practice finding my true emotion while someone gets angry at me.
I can`t find my true intention rapidly any more.

This practice may be painful or may take some time for it work.
But I want to release my Rotted feelings and become a light person.


It is said that happy things come after big emotional storm.
I want to be happier!








Thank you for your reading.
I wish you all the best!

Noel Ko-zuki



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