Are you Dramatic Syndrome?

Hello!  How`s you days doing?
I`m Noel Mercury.



These days, many ladies like love movie.

But, I guess, It is important to know that that is just entertainment.
I don`t want to deny love movie.
Please don`t misunderstand.


I know love movie is fun but it is just a story.
It is not necessary to do so dramatic and clattery in your life.


Do you know that way of thinking, the world you live in is the reflection of your consciousness?
Things you thought in your mind, come out in real world.
(For further information, it is explained on the YouTube channel. If you are interested, please do look it!




Enjoy love drama is good.  But in same time, let ‘s think about separating reality from love drama.


Do you know that your life could be more simple and easy?

Do you know that passing with a lover can be solved more easily?

Have you noticed that you do not have to exaggerately react to that situation?


Love drama is just entertainment.
It don`t need you become tragedy’s heroine.


Your life can change easily from this time!

Thank you for your reading!


The Japanese version of this article can be seen from the link below.


And, I start YouTube recently.  In my channel, I`m talking about the Low of attraction, and some spiritual things.
Please check it from the link below.



I wish you all the best!
Noel Mercury



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