Is it true that he hate me if I do not make a good girl?

Hello!  How`s your day doing?
I`m Noel Mercury.

When I started dating with my Prince, I had the most fears.
That is the word “We break up”.


I can not bear to be disliked by the people I like.
I want to keep seeing you for a long time.
I do not want to say to him “I can`t  not stay with you”.


In the beginning, I thought many things and tried to not to do “bad thing” during spend time with my Prince.


It`s just not to be hated by him.

I thought like below.
Will not I sigh for a long time because I rely too much on him?
I wonder if his mood is bad.

It was very tiring for me.


Originally I never need to worry at all “I’m not hated” because my Prince is not a type that is totally incompetent.

I finally escaped from this stressful full-one control,
Just because I found one that I do not like,I will not be saying “let’s break up” right away.


There are aspects that I do not like as well, but I have some of my favorite parts so I am with him.


It do not need that accept everything about your Lover.


After noticing this, I was relieved very much.





Thank you for your reading!


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I wish you all the best!
Noel Mercury



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