Hello!  How`s your day doing?

I`m Noel Mercury.



I met my PRINCE when I was 18.  It`s about 3 years ago from now.
I thought there were many chance coincided on our relationships.

My PRINCE is 21 older than me.
So mostly friends of mine are surprise.

“Where did you meet him?”
“Why are you love him?”

They have many questions.


At first, prince and I met an event.
He was one of the participant, so I talked with him a little.

But magic prepared more chance.


When I was work in cafe, he came there!
I noticed him immediately.  So I said to him “Hello.”
He also remembered me, returned “Hello” with surprised.

Prince: “You works here!”
Me: “Yes.  Thank you for this time.”

After that, he comes cafe many time, and sat at the counter where I was working and talking a lot.
We came to befriend.


The turning point has come in the summer.
I went on a tour on Mt.Shasta, in California.  That place is known about energy spot.
In that light energy, I can`t ignore my heart.
Prince is very friendly, very gentle…
And I love him.


Of course, I`m afraid of age.
He might think about me just younger friend.
If he is,  confessing my live is very stupid action.

But, finally, I confessed to him.


I can`t wait back to Japan, so I used e-mail.
He answered immediately “Ok.”
I was so happy to hear it.


That`s all there was it.


I still happy with PRINCE, and I keep learning about many thing.
ARINOMAMA Love made from what I have been learned.






Thank you for reading!

Noel Mercury



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