[Prompt Decision] 10 seconds challenge

Hello!  How`s your day doing?
I am Noel Mercury.

There is practice to make it easier to hear the voice of your heart.
This practice is very useful. 

All you have to do is, make a decision in 10 seconds when you decide something.

Why 10 seconds?
It is because our intuition is so speedy.

It comes for us like a sunder, and disappear immediately.
Moreover, our ego try to distract intuition.

Initially, we must try not to overlook instincts.

A person with a reasonableness, like me, is better to start even “three seconds challenge”.


10 seconds challenge can try everywhere.

For example, you can try it when you open the menu at a restaurant,
or buy new clothes.

Too many choice can confuse you, so it is good start two choices.

When you become good at it, you can make decision in 3, 5, or more.


Addition, you must not choose something “because this is cheap!”

The voice that mind price, sight of others is your ego, no intuition.


Heart voice comes with excite feeling.
Please ask your heart,  hear your answer, and follow it.

Your listening skill won`t grow if you are not follow your heart voice.

Following your heart is very happy thing.
You can get the happiest clothes, foods, and your Prince in near future.

Let`s try 10 second challenge!





Thank you for reading!
Noel Mercury



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