Sense to Find a PRINCE

Hello!  How`s your day doing?
I`m Noel Mercury.


Today, I`m going to tell you about your head voice & your heart voice.

We have two voice within us.
That are “Head voice” and “Heart voice”.


Head voice is called …

Heart voice is called …
Voice of soul etc.



Heart voice is most important intuition in ARINOMAMA love!
Because it is the “sense to find your prince”.

You can`t notice your love if you never feel palpitation.

When your intuition croud, you could pass with your prince or love different person.
Your prince is just around the corner!


So, first significance is that notice your intuition and follow it!

Intuition gets more stronger to use.
It will take you higher more powerful, more accurately.

Catch your inspiration if these seems so small.



I have good practice about it, I will introduce it in next article.
Please check it !




Thank you for reading!
Noel Mercury



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