What sort of romance do you want?

Hello!  How`s your day doing?
I`m Noel Mercury.


There are many sort of love in this world.

Someone may say that “I`m so happy with my boyfriend!”
or “He always beat me, but I think I`m the last person can he change.”
or “Actually, I have three boyfriends.” etc.


I want to you to make dicision to you change here, if you wonder like below.
“I can`t stand my boyfriend any longer!”
“I want to find someone love each other.”
“There should be love of a different form somewhere.”

Making dicision is very important of everything.
Your determination is the key to changing your world.



Now, you already make dicision.

Second step is write down your ideal form of love!
Prepare your favorite notebook, and start to writing!

There is no limit.  Spread your imagination.
This is important part.


No matter what you`ve been spend love life, or you live alone at this time.


Just imagine what is your ideal? 
What is your dreaming of?


At the last, one more thing imagine.

“How I feel if I live along with my ideal?”

Most important thing of this is to live as fulfilled a dream.



The same energy thing will be attracted.
This is like a law of attraction.





Thank you for your reading!

Noel Mercury




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